The National Service Scheme was launched in D.S.N. College, Unnao in the year 1974, since then this unit continued to function. Presently this unit is restructured for the session of 2021-2022. Under this scheme, Main works are public awareness, social reform and other social activities etc. In the year 1976, the connecting road of Gokul Baba temple was constructed by the D.S.N. College NSS Unit.  From time to time, works are being done by the National Planning Unit for voter awareness, environmental protection, sparrow rescue, cleaning of martyr sites and development of any one village of the district. At present, there are 100 volunteers in the National Service Scheme unit.


  1. It is mandatory for applicants to be a first year Undergraduate student of D.S.N. College seeking for this Scheme.
  2. After registration, result of written test will ensure applicant’s seat in NSS.

Benefits: The volunteers who participate in this scheme for three years get exemption of marks in various competitive examinations.

NSS Incharge- Dr. Rachana Trivedi (Head-Department of Education)